Test Series

Homi Bhabha Competition Test series is completely focused towards 6th & 9th standard Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidayanik Competition for English Medium

Course Duration : April 2015 till September 2015
Admission open  for Test Series
Contact us immediately at 9820158034 or email us at info@homibhabhacompetition.com
What you get

 • Guidance in Registering and Enrolling for Examination

• Give details on Syllabus for Examination

• Books to refer for this examination.

• Tips and Tricks to understand the science topics

• An extensive test series consisting of 70 Question papers with more than 3500 Questions for preparation of Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition.

 How it works
  • We will tell you which books you have to purchase. Then we will tell you the syllabus
  • We will send 70 questions to your email ids on weekly basis.
  • About 7 days before we will send the topics for the next week paper so that the child knows what to study.
  • Question Paper will be sent on the scheduled dates at the Email ID registered by the student and parent.
  • Student will answer the papers at their convenient time as per the instruction given in the paper.
  • Student should email the answer paper within 3-4 days of receiving the question paper as the student will have pay attention to school studies and school exams.
  • On receiving answer paper we will send you the score and answer paper from our side which will have explanation of most of the questions, why one option is right and other options are wrong. So that the student knows what went wrong during answering.
  • Based on the answer given by your child we will identify what are the strong and the weak areas in science topics so that you can tell your child to concentrate on weak areas.( Every child has 2-3 topics which are weak. It is important to identify these weak areas)
  • Answers along with Analysis Chart/Performance Report will be sent to the student and parent within 24 hours.

Analysis and Performance Report

For the first time the student and parent can check the performance of the Question Papers with detailed analysis on each topic, Subject and comparison of performance with last answered papers.
We will send reasons for Right & Wrong options for each questions. For Example, if  for a question Option "A" is right answer, then we will explain, why Option"A" is right and on which principle of science it is based. Also will explain why options "B", "C", "D" are wrong so that student understands the question completely and relates it to the right  Science principle.

Check how much can your child can score in exam and how to improve the marks. To give maximum practice to student for Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidayanik Competition

We do understand the anxiety and nervousness a student undergoes before the Exam and hence our aim is to ensure that the student becomes more confident and assured of his  performance.

Students can assess their performance and readiness for their Exams by solving Question Papers which are available with Solutions. Homi Bhabha Competition test series provides complete Analysis of the answer papers highlighting the weak and strong areas of the student .These Performance reports will be sent on weekly basis.

Learn how the same question is twisted in different way to confuse the candidate.

There will be 70 test papers. The test papers are divided as per following.
Correspondence Test Series is completely focused towards 6th Std. and
9th Std. English Medium
"Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition "
Separate Topicwise test papers in Physics Every Saturday revision test (Total 15 Papers)
Separate Topicwise test papers in Chemistry Common Knowledge Paper (4 Paper)
Separate Topicwise test papers in Biology Final Exam type Paper (Total 15)
Weekly 3 papers topic wise (Total 36 paper ) Tips and Tricks to solve the paper / Study



Contact us at info@homibhabhacompetition.com