Dr. Homi Bhabha Competition Test Series brings for the first time, more than 3500 questions to practice.

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In 2013-14 Written examination once again our 90% students have cleared the written examination for Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidynanik Examination across Maharashtra and are selected for Practicals.
Homibhabhacompetition.com website is a comprehensive site for information on Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Spardha conducted by Mumbai Science Teachers Association. More than 40000 Students appear for this examination every year in Maharashtra.

Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Spardha is an excellent way to make a strong foundation for Science subject. It will help the student to be much ahead in the science knowledge .The competition consists of Written Test, Practical Work and Project work. Students who will be in 6th and 9th Standard in the year 2014-15 will be eligible for the examination.

Homibhabhacompetition.com site gives following information

  • Registering and Enrolling for Examination
  • Syllabus for Examination
  • Books to refer for this examination.
  • Tips and Tricks to understand the science topics
  • An extensive test series consisting of 70 Question papers with more than 3500 Questions for preparation of Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition.
  • We will send reasons for right & Wrong options for each question. For Example, if  for a question Option "A" is right answer, then we will explain, why Option"A" is right and on which principle of science it is based. Also will explain why options "B", "C", "D" are wrong so that student understands the question completely and relate it to right Science principle.

Please get in touch with us immediately as lot of students will start studying for the Examination.

We believe every student is a winner. They need proper direction and right approach to be successful. Homi Bhabha Competition 's test series is to bring out winning qualities in each student.

"When You are not practicing, remember,someone somewhere is practicing, and when you meet him he will win"

Highly trained team with experience in the Homi Bhabha Competitive exam papers. Focused towards giving maximum practice to students for Homi Bhabha Exams.

Correspondence Test Series is completely focused towards 6th Std. and
9th Std. English Medium
"Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition "
Separate Topicwise test papers in Physics Every Saturday revision test (Total 15 Papers)
Separate Topicwise test papers in Chemistry Common Knowledge Paper (4 Paper)
Separate Topicwise test papers in Biology Final Exam type Paper (Total 15)
Weekly 3 papers topic wise (Total 36 paper ) Tips and Tricks to solve the paper / Study
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